5 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Website


Do you have a website? If so, you may want to check it out for a few common mistakes you may not even realize are there.

Non-Responsive Design

Modern web design has moved from a one size fits all to responsive sites that automatically adjust to various screen sizes, including mobile and tablet. Having a one size fits all site not only looks old, but doesn’t allow you to maximize the benefits of widescreens.

A quality mobile site will also be much easier to navigate on a smartphone or tablet, which is how the majority of users access the internet these days. Also, keep in mind that many older websites incorporate things like Flash, which are non compatible with almost all mobile devices.

Poor quality photos

Even if you have a great website, it’s not going to show you at your best with poor photography, low resolution photos or photos not sized properly. Clean, crisp, and properly sized images are critical to modern web design.

This includes logos. An old or low resolution logo can immediately make even a great website look stale and outdated.

Dead links

Links pages are old and not used as often anymore but, if you’d like to direct people off your website, make sure that all of your links work. There’s no point in sharing an article or website with someone and then giving them the wrong directions! And it’s annoying for the user if they’re trying to find the information you linked them to.

Old news

This goes in part with the above. You can’t control how long a media site keeps their stories online. If you were in the news, make sure to either copy the story into your news section (with credit, of course) or semi regularly check that the links still work. Otherwise it looks like you either aren’t attentive to detail or don’t spend time maintaining your website or the information on it, which takes away from the credibility of your business and the content on your website.

No easy way to contact

This one may surprise a lot of people. It’s astonishing how many business don’t have an easy way to contact them on their website. Don’t want random people calling you? You don’t want spam? Use a contact form, but make sure the contact form is properly connected to your email.

No one wants to hear about that deal you missed out on because you couldn’t be found.

We're always here to chat if you'd like us to have a look at your existing site. Don't be embarrassed, we won't judge.

- Karina


When an Ivy League art program like Yale University can have one of the 10 worst websites of the year, it can happen to you too. Thankfully, high design and functionality no longer means high cost.